World's Fastest Marathon

Route & Elevation

With an almost 100% downhill route (less than 1km is without decline), an altitude drop of 1,938 meters (6358 feet), and an average descent of 4.6%, this race course will get your feet moving!

The World's Fastest Marathon only offers a full marathon course of 42.2km / 26.2mi. 

Route map

Route Description

The World’s Fastest Marathon starts above the ski resort town of Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The starting line is positioned at an altitude of 2,605 meters (8,546 feet). The route continues down around Pradollano.

From 8.5 km, the route winds down the A-395, a mountain road that leads to the town of Granada. The halfway point is positioned at an altitude of approximately 1,700 meters (5,577 feet). The route is nearly 100% downhill with an average descent of 4.6%, ensuring running tempos remain high.

The prime backdrop of this race is the Sierra Nevada, a dramatic, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful mountain range in Sierra Nevada National Park (Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada), which covers over 86,000ha in Spain’s Andalucía region. This mountain range is, in fact, the highest point in continental Spain. 

Approximately 10 km before the finish line, runners pass the village of Canales, then turn off the A-395 to run through the villages of Pinos Genil and Cenes de la Vega. At this point, runners are out of the mountains and hence the road’s downward gradient will flatten out. It still continues slightly downhill all the way to the finish line at Celador Del Paseo Del Salon, a beautiful park in the center of Granada.

Race Officials reserve the right to make adjustments to the route. 

Route Logistics

Kilometer signs are placed at each kilometer along the route. The signs will also indicate the equivalent distance in miles. Timing mats will be placed every 5 km to record split times. There will be hydration stations serving water and energy drinks every 4 km along the route. At 28 km, each runner will receive one (1) energy gel. If you'd like more energy gels, please bring your own and carry them with you. 

For more information, have a look at the course map. While running, make way for faster runners and keep to the right. Please note that the route is not entirely closed off for traffic. Although traffic is not heavy, take care when running on main roads and look out for vehicles. We will, however, ensure that traffic does not interfere with the progress of the race, so as to avoid delaying anyone’s time. 

Start / Finish

The start line will be positioned up the mountain above the ski resort town of Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The race will have a single start (no waves) with a gun signal at 8:00AM sharp.

Runners will be organized at the start according to the best finish time (within two years) that is registered on the booking form. 

You may bring a bag with personal items, such as clothes to warm-up with or a change for after the race, to be deposited in the start area. This bag will then be transported to the finish area for when you finish your race. Please note that it is not possible to deposit personal supplies along the route. 


The entire race is run on paved roads to help keep the speed up!