World's Fastest Marathon

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Here you will find all the important practical information about the race, such as rules and regulations, training, timing, race day support, clothing, weather and more. If you don’t find the answer you’re seeking, feel free to contact us with your question.

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Boston Marathon Qualification

This race is a certified Boston-qualifying marathon course. For more information on Boston Marathon’s qualification standards, please visit their website by clicking here.


The World's Fastest Marathon starts at a whopping 2,605 meters above sea level. So, although the phrase "southern Spain" might conjure images of shorts and flip-flops, remember that the start of the race will be up on the mountain. The temperature is likely to be between 5-10◦C (41-50◦F), although if it is windy it might feel colder. This means it is a good idea to have warm-up clothes - perhaps a jacket and some sweatpants to cover your race clothes before the start. As the sun rises and you descend the mountain, expect it to warm up significantly. 

Any warm-up clothes can be placed in your personal bag in the start area, which will be transported down the mountain to the finish line. 

Cut-off Times

The cut off time is 6 hours after the gun has started the race. All runners with a net finishing time slower than 6 hours will receive an FNT (Finished No Time) on the result list. At 11:00 (3 hours after the gun has started the race) runners have a cut-off at kilometer 21. All runners who do not make the cut-off time will be picked up by a race official car and driven to the finish line.

At 14:00 (6 hours after the gun has started the race) the World’s Fastest Marathon ends. Runners still on the route will be picked up and taken to the finish area.


All participants give consent for the Organization (Albatros Adventure Marathons) to use their personal details, photos, videos and/or any other audiovisual material where they might appear and grant permission for publication of their name forsaking any financial compensation for their use in any mass media and/or the internet and at any time. In addition, this material and the information might be used in future editions and it might be transferred to any sponsor, which might use the personal details, photos or videos (whether it is by means of third parties or not) exclusively for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes.


All runners accept all the articles of these regulations and they agree not to start the race before the time set and to complete the distance established before crossing the finishing line. The Organization (Albatros Adventure Marathons) reserves the right to act and take the appropriate measures against unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, unfair or violent behaviour.


Upon registration, all participants accept and understand these Regulations, the Protection and Responsibility Disclaimer and the Data Protection Policy. In case of doubt, the Organization’s (Albatros Adventure Marathons) criteria will prevail.


The World’s Fastest Marathon features two distances:

Full marathon - 42.195km/26.2mi

Half marathon - 21.1km/13.1mi


Runners must be at least 18 years old on race day.


Goodie Bag

International runners will receive their goodie bags at their hotels upon arrival. The goodie bag will contain your start/bib number, timing device, and official race T-shirt.

Local runners will collect their bags in Granada the day before race. Time and address will be announced as the race gets closer. 

Medical Team

On race day, a team of English-speaking Danish doctors, assisted by a local medical team, will provide medical assistance to runners in need. If the medical team finds it necessary they can stop a runner and take him/her out of the race. Decisions on taking runners out of the race will only be done if the medical team believes there is a serious health risk in continuing. 

All decisions made by the medical team are final and not up for discussion.

Runners who wish to drop out of the marathon should go to the nearest drink station. Transport to the finish area will be arranged for all runners who leave the race, but please be aware there will be a waiting time. 

If you take daily medicine prescribed by your physician or need any other medication, please inform the race doctors in advance by writing to


During race day and at our celebration dinner, a variety of exclusive World's Fastest Marathon merchandise can be purchased. 

Personal Belongings

If you want to bring a change of clothes for after the race or warm-up clothes, you may bring a bag with personal items to the start area and after the race starts it will be driven down to the finish to await you. 

It is not possible to have personal supplies deposited along the race route. Should you wish to bring your own supplies, such as energy gels, you will need to carry them with you as you run.

Photos and Finisher's Certificate

Marathon Photos will take personal photos of all runners. The photos can be purchased after the race from Your Finisher's Certificate will be available for free download.

Prizes and Awards

All finishers receive a medal. Symbolic trophies are given to the top three finishers distances for men and women. Please note that there is no prize money.

Race Officials Disclaimer

English-speaking race officials from Albatros Adventure Marathons are in charge of the event. The race officials reserve the right to change the course and other aspects of the race without advance notice.

Please note that all decisions made by the race officials and/or medical team are final.

By signing up for this event you agree to the Terms & Conditions of Albatros Adventure Marathons.



In order to register for the race, you MUST enter with one of the following options. These options vary depending on your place of residency.

Additional information is available below, or here.

International Participants

For international participants, race entry is only possible in conjunction with a multi-day tour package. The packages include all the ingredients for a fantastic getaway: accommodation, social events, sightseeing, and select meals and transportation per the itinerary. Packages also generally include ample amounts of free time, during which you can choose to join organized excursions or explore the region at your own pace. 

Amidst the towering crags of Spain’s Sierra Nevadas, enjoy some sweet Spanish wine after running the fastest marathon of your life. Set with a nearly 100% downhill route, let the mountain roads carry you down toward victory (and toward tapas!) in the World’s Fastest Marathon. 


Residents of Spain

Participants who meet the necessary Spanish residency requirements are eligible for local entry, which includes only the race. 

Please note: If you are looking to enjoy an extended holiday in Granada and reside elsewhere in Spain, it is certainly possible to join one of the standard international packages. 

As proof of eligbility, residents and citizens of Spain must present a current, valid residency permit and/or passport. Upon receiving your entry, we will contact you to request copies of your official, government-issued documentation.

Please contact us for details.

Route Map & Elevation Profile

For information on the marathon route, start and finish line, drink stations and other course-related information, see Route & Elevation.


Rules & Regulations

Top Finishers: The top three male and female finishers of all distances are the first three to physically cross the finish line regardless of their net time.

Gear: Nordic walking and trekking poles are not allowed.

Start / Bib Numbers

You will receive your start/bib number in the race goodie bag.

All runners will receive one bib number that must be worn during the race. It must be attached to the front of your body and readable - both for safety and for photography purposes! 


This a high altitude mountain area, so the weather is unpredictable and changeable. At the start, we expect a minimum of 5-10◦C (41-50◦F), but winds can make it feel colder. As you complete your descent down the mountain and the sun continues to rise, the temperatures will increase too. At the finish line in Granada, daytime temperatures can reach up to 25◦C (77◦C).