Experience one of the greatest feats of mankind while running the most challenging marathon of your life. The Great Wall Marathon will put your physical ability to the test with its steep ascent of 5,164 steps. The World Heritage listed fortification is the largest human-made structure in the world and symbolises sheer human strength and fortitude. Tap into the special Great Wall spirit and join us for this spectacular run which will take you on a journey through ancient Chinese history and stunning scenery. Take on the Great Wall!

Combine the thrilling marathon experience with a classic African safari vacation and sign up for the Big Five Marathon. Running in the Entabeni Private Game Reserve of South Africa, you will encounter zebras, giraffes and antelopes. The spectacular course will even take you through lion territory and you may chance upon a rhino although we advise you to keep on running if you do!

Discover Jordan’s lost city and be challenged by the boundless desert surrounding it. This desert run starts in the ancient city of Petra amid rose-tinted sandstone monuments created thousands of years ago. The course continues into the barren desert landscape before looping back to the city. Experience Jordan’s finest treasure combined with a challenging desert race. Run back in time with us!

Ice as far as the eye beholds. Impossibly beautiful, blue skies. Incredibly fresh air. Musk oxen and arctic foxes on the unique and stark landscape of the arctic tundra. Yes, we are in one of the most remote corners of the world: Greenland. Feel the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes while running through the arctic desert and Greenland Ice Sheet and immerse yourself in this rare and exceptional natural beauty. This will undoubtedly be the coolest experience of your life.

Tucked away in central Myanmar and home to more than 2,000 temples, Bagan’s beauty and historical significance is unsurpassed. Sacred pagodas and beautiful temples are scattered across the plains of Bagan creating a mystical, striking landscape. The marathon course will take runners on a voyage of discovery into this alluring and untouched land.

Race info

Everything you need to know about the race should be right here. If there is something specific you are looking for that you can’t find, contact us.


The route is fast. Unbelievably fast. The race starts at 2,605 meters (8,546 feet) above sea level in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and ends at 667 meters (2,188 feet) in the historic city of Granada.  The Sierra Nevada is dramatic, rugged, expansive and steep. In fact, the Sierra Nevada is home to the highest point in continental Spain.

With an almost 100% downhill route (less than 1km is without decline), an altitude drop of 1,938 meters (6358 feet), and an average descent of 4.6%, this race course will get your feet moving! It’s fast. Unbelievably fast. Perhaps,  the World’s Fastest? 



Race Day
22 September 2019


The World’s Fastest Marathon offers only one distance – the full marathon (42.195km / 26.2mi)
Alternatively, non-runners are welcome to join and cheer on the participants.


Boston Marathon Qualification
This race is a certified Boston-qualifying marathon course. For more information on Boston Marathon’s qualification standards, please visit their website by clicking here.


Route Description
The World’s Fastest Marathon starts above the ski resort town of Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The starting line is positioned at an altitude of 2,605 meters (8,546 feet). The route continues around Pradollano.

From 8.5 KM the route continues down A-395, a mountain road that leads to the town of Granada. The halfway mark is positioned at an altitude of approximately 1,700 meters (5,577 feet). The route is 100% downhill with an average descent of 4.6%, ensuring running tempos remain high.

The prime backdrop of this race is the Sierra Nevada, a dramatic, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful mountain range in Sierra Nevada National Park (Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada), which covers over 86,000ha in Spain’s Andalucia region. This mountain range is, in fact, the highest point in continental Spain. 

Approximately 10 kilometers before the finish line, runners pass the village of Canales, then turn off A-395 to run through the villages of Pinos Genil and Cenes de la Vega. At this point, the road’s downward gradient will flatten slightly, but still continues downhill all the way to the finish line at Celador Del Paseo Del Salon, a beautiful park in the center of Granada.

Race Officials reserve the right to make adjustments to the route.


Route logistics
Kilometer signs are placed at each kilometer along the route. The signs will also indicate the equivalent distance in miles. Timing mats will be placed every 5 kilometers to record split times. There will be hydration stations serving water and energy drinks at every 4 kilometers along the route. At 28KM, each runner will receive one (1) energy gel.

For more information, have a look at the course map. While running, please make way for faster runners and keep to the right. Please note that the route is not entirely closed off for traffic. Although traffic is not heavy, take care when running on main roads and look out for vehicles. We will, however, ensure that traffic does not interfere with the progress of the race, so as to avoid delaying anyone’s time. 


Start/Bib Numbers
Start/bib numbers will be distributed in your goodie bag.


Weather Conditions
This a high altitude mountain area, so the weather is unpredictable and changeable. At the start, we expect a minimum of 5-10◦C (41-50◦F), but winds can make it feel colder. As you complete your descent down the mountain and the sun continues to rise, the temperatures will increase too. At the finish line in Granada, daytime temperatures can reach up to 25◦C (77◦C).


Running Surface
The entire race is run on paved roads to help keep the speed up!


Course & Elevation Maps
For information on the route, start and finish lines, drink stations and other course-related information, see the course map.


Aid Stations
There will be hydration stations at approximately every 4 kilometers along the route. Each station will offer water and energy drinks. Each runner will be offered one (1) energy gel at 28KM.

Please note, it is not possible to have personal supplies deposited along the race route. Should you wish to bring your own supplies, such as energy gels, you will need to take them with you along the route.




Start Time & Procedure
The race starts at 8:00. The start line will be positioned up the mountain above the ski resort town of Pradollano in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The race will have a single start with a gun signal at 8:00am. Runners will be organized into corrals according to the best finish time (within the past 2 years) based on the running time provided on the entry form. You must start in the corrals to which you have been assigned. Runners who are assigned to separate corrals, but want to start together, may do so by going to the corrals corresponding to the higher number. Final details about the number of corrals will be announced in the runner’s guidebook that will be handed out in your goodie bag.


Race Timing
The event will be timed with a chip system. All bib numbers have an integrated timing chip mounted in the foam bar on the back of the bib number. Do not bend the bib number or remove the foam bars, as this will damage the chip. 

Split times will be recorded every 5 kilometers. Both split times and the final results will be updated live on the homepage.


Time Limit & Cut Off
The cut off time is 6 hours after the gun has started the race. All runners with a net finishing time slower than 6 hours will receive an FNT (Finished No Time) on the result list. At 11:00 (3 hours after the gun has started the race) runners have a cut-off at kilometer 21. All runners who do not make the cut-off time or the time limit at the finish line will be picked up and driven to the finish line.

At 14:00 (6 hours after the gun has started the race) the World’s Fastest Marathon ends. Runners still on the route will be picked up by a race official car and taken to the finish area.


Results will be posted at the finish line during the race. Split times will be recorded at 5-kilometer increments. Split times and final results will be updated in real-time on the home page.



Age Requirements
Runners must be at least 18 years old on race day.


Medical Team
On race day, a team of doctors and paramedics will provide medical assistance to runners in need. The medical team reserves the right to remove any runner who is unable to complete the race. Please note that all decisions made by the medical team or race officials are final.


Race officials
Race officials from Albatros Adventure Marathons are in charge of the event. All decisions made by the race officials and medical team are final. This also includes stopping a runner before or during the race.


Nordic walking and trekking poles
Use of these items are not permitted.



Awards Ceremony
The top three male and female finishers will receive a trophy at the awards ceremony.


Photos and Finisher’s Certificate
Marathon Photos will take personal photos of all runners. The photos can be purchased after the race from www.marathon-photos.com. Your Finisher's Certificate will be available for free download.



Runner's Guide
All participants will receive a hard copy of the runners guidebook in their goodie bag, which will be distributed upon arriving in Granada.


Training Tips
Participants will receive further training information.


All participants give consent for the Organization (Albatros Adventure Marathons) to use their personal details, photos, videos and/or any other audiovisual material where they might appear and grant permission for publication of their name forsaking any financial compensation for their use in any mass media and/or the internet and at any time. In addition, this material and the information might be used in future editions and it might be transferred to any sponsor, which might use the personal details, photos or videos (whether it is by means of third parties or not) exclusively for sporting, promotional or commercial purposes.


All runners accept all the articles of these regulations and they agree not to start the race before the time set and to complete the distance established before crossing the finishing line. The Organization (Albatros Adventure Marathons) reserves the right to act and take the appropriate measures against unsportsmanlike, disrespectful, unfair or violent behaviour.


Upon registration, all participants accept and understand these Regulations, the Protection and Responsibility Disclaimer and the Data Protection Policy. In case of doubt, the Organization’s (Albatros Adventure Marathons) criteria will prevail.