Experience one of the greatest feats of mankind while running the most challenging marathon of your life. The Great Wall Marathon will put your physical ability to the test with its steep ascent of 5,164 steps. The World Heritage listed fortification is the largest human-made structure in the world and symbolises sheer human strength and fortitude. Tap into the special Great Wall spirit and join us for this spectacular run which will take you on a journey through ancient Chinese history and stunning scenery. Take on the Great Wall!

Combine the thrilling marathon experience with a classic African safari vacation and sign up for the Big Five Marathon. Running in the Entabeni Private Game Reserve of South Africa, you will encounter zebras, giraffes and antelopes. The spectacular course will even take you through lion territory and you may chance upon a rhino although we advise you to keep on running if you do!

Discover Jordan’s lost city and be challenged by the boundless desert surrounding it. This desert run starts in the ancient city of Petra amid rose-tinted sandstone monuments created thousands of years ago. The course continues into the barren desert landscape before looping back to the city. Experience Jordan’s finest treasure combined with a challenging desert race. Run back in time with us!

Ice as far as the eye beholds. Impossibly beautiful, blue skies. Incredibly fresh air. Musk oxen and arctic foxes on the unique and stark landscape of the arctic tundra. Yes, we are in one of the most remote corners of the world: Greenland. Feel the soft crunch of snow beneath your shoes while running through the arctic desert and Greenland Ice Sheet and immerse yourself in this rare and exceptional natural beauty. This will undoubtedly be the coolest experience of your life.

Tucked away in central Myanmar and home to more than 2,000 temples, Bagan’s beauty and historical significance is unsurpassed. Sacred pagodas and beautiful temples are scattered across the plains of Bagan creating a mystical, striking landscape. The marathon course will take runners on a voyage of discovery into this alluring and untouched land.

Elite Entrants

Registration for 2019 is now closed.

For any enquiries related to elite entry applications at World's Fastest Marathon 2020, please contact us at marathon@albatros-adventure.com 

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Athletes who meet qualifying requirements, are eligible to apply for an elite entry.


Race Day for the World's Fastest Marathon is Sunday, 22 September 2019.

Refer to Important Info below for further details.

    Important Info

    Qualification Standards

    Men: 2 hours : 15 minutes : 00 seconds

    Women: 2 hours : 35 minutes : 00 seconds

    Subject to changes.

    Other qualification requirements

    • Only times completed at races, which are officially certified by International Association of Atheltics Federations (IAAF) and/or Association of International Marathons & Distance Races (AIMS), will be accepted.
    • You achieved the qualification time in a recognized distance running event (with timing chip) that was held on or after 1 January 2018.
    • Documentation for qualifying times must be presented.
    • Athletes must have their own identification and correct documentation to enter and exit the country.
    • No letters of invitation or authorization will be forwarded.

    Elite Benefits

    Elite athletes will enjoy special amenities and services before, during and after the race. Detailed information will be announced to all elite athletes prior to the race.

    Acceptance Not Guaranteed

    Applying for Elite Entry does not guarantee acceptance. Applications will be accepted and reviewed until the application period closes. Applicants will be contacted after their application has been through the review process.

    Doping Disclaimer

    Any athlete who is subsequently determined to have committed a doping offence at the time of the event or is suspended from competition due to an offence committed prior to the event resulting in his/her performance at the event being invalidated shall be liable to refund any and all sums from the race organizers relating to his/her performance at the event.