World's Fastest Marathon

It's fast. Unbelievably fast.


Perhaps, the World's Fastest?


How much will you shave off your PR? How far will you push the limit? 

Humans are instinctively hardwired to innovate, optimize, question the impossible – to push the limit.

At Albatros Adventure Marathons, our passion for pushing the limit, sharing great experiences, and achieving something extraordinary led us to originate the “adventure marathon” concept 20 years ago. 


In the all-new World’s Fastest Marathon, runners will dash down a paved route that makes a sweeping, serpentine-like descent through the Sierra Nevada mountains into the historic city of Granada.

With a nearly 100% downhill route (less than 1km is without decline), an altitude drop of 1,938 meters (6,358 feet) and a total average descent of 4.6%, this race will keep your legs light and feet flying toward the finish line… FAST.


Kindly be advised that entry to any Albatros Adventure Marathon is only available in combination with an official tour package. Race entry only is not possible for international runners. 
The event features both a Marathon and a Half-Marathon distance.

For any inquiries about the race, please write us at


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I didn't know I could still run that fast!

World's Fastest Marathon Race Director